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Natalie, 25, Australian living in Vancouver. Right now it's all about Teen Wolf. Psych. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Hawaii Five-0. Supernatural. Stargate. Merlin. Boosh. Sherlock. Getting famous by standing next to actual famous people since 2012.

I am so going there as soon as my hair gets longer. I’ll wait until after supanova because I don’t want to totally outshine Natalie Dormer.

That’s very considerate of you Loz

no one wants to see Natalie Dormer cry

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i’m just so angry still 

Punch the person directly in the butt. Do it really hard. Do it with no warning.

this is great advice. i like it. if this person were in front of me, i would probably eviscerate their very existence. 

Fantastic. But the best part about punching their butt would be the horrified expression on their face. The shock. And then you get to stare into their eyes as their fear grows and they realize that you aren’t fucking around, and that you do not care for the social norm. You’ll punch a butt, you don’t care. You’ve basically surpassed god. You’re all powerful. And once you’ve reached the point of ethereal magnificence, turn and walk away. You have no fear.

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both: well this got awkward fast


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god bless u hoechles tyler hoechlin dylan o'brien teen wolf tw cast

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Tyler Hoechlin and JR Bourne

Tyler Hoechlin and JR Bourne were hilarious together at press tables, joking about how fun it would be for Derek and Argent to get a drink and complain about Kate.

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oh your faces i kid but i mean they are just too attractive TOO attractive it hurts me

Jensen talks about perks of working with Jared. (x)

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