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Natalie, 25, Australian living in Vancouver. Right now it's all about Teen Wolf. Psych. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Hawaii Five-0. Supernatural. Stargate. Merlin. Boosh. Sherlock. Getting famous by standing next to actual famous people since 2012.

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#SPN10 Countdown Challenge | 16 Days Left | S05E16 - Dark Side of the Moon

↳ "Killin’ Sam was right, but Dean…"

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supernatural this always gives me chills


thisssssssssssss moviee

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memes are people too 

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you will keep your mouth shut every time fat women are used as the punchline of a joke and are denied access to clothing brands and healthcare and are treated as disgusting but someone says “skinny shaming isn’t on the same level” and you’re up in arms because “stop making people feel bad for their bodies, thin women don’t DESERVE to be shamed!!!” (not like fat women, right??? everyone sees you, fuck you)

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to the guy at my work that sighs and makes a comment every time megan trainor says 'skinny bitches' yeah how many times have you spoken up for the fat girls?







And finally someone said it

nobody’s fucking stopping you from putting on some foundation dude you can put it on and it’s discrete and other straight guys won’t be able to tell and it does wonders. nobody’s stopping you from moisturizing or even putting on the lightest bits of concealer. don’t worry, other straight men can’t tell

Also there’s less pressure for men to be attractive and more pressure on women to see past men’s looks for their personalities, like look how many movies star average/ugly dudes who still score modelesque girls.

step 1: create unrealistic, unattainable standards of beauty for women

step 2: build a multi-billion dollar beauty industry to sell women makeup, tell them they are worthless without it

step 3: mock and vilify women who wear makeup as vain and fake, mock and vilify women who don’t wear makeup as ugly

step 4: code makeup as exclusively feminine, make the feminine shameful, shame any and all men perceived as feminine

step 5: complain that you can’t wear makeup

all that commentary

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thanks bro…

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I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT awkward teenage girl who sorta wants a man but can’t really get one 

i feel this spiritually

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